‘Cunda Island, where the endless blue eternity of the sea overwhelms visitors as they discover the island. Where the calm green of pine and olive trees encircles the callers. From yellow to orange, from orange to cyclamen. Where Mother Nature shows her magic in every sunset.’


Cunda Island, or Alibey Island, is a small island of 17.900 hectare in the north-western Aegean Sea, just off the coast of the city Ayvalik in Turkey. The island has a population of about 2000. The island is connected to mainland by means of a causeway, or you can take a ferry into Ayvalik.


The EEA hotel, where the participants and advisors will live and eat together, is beautifully located with on one side nothing but the sea, and on the other side the island’s main town Alibey. With oriel-windowed houses, rough cobblestone pavements and narrow streets, and the Greek, Cretan and Turkish tongue, the small town awaits the participants, ready to fascinate them with its spirit, reflecting the everyday culture of the Aegean.

Some of the academy locations

The EEA participants work side by side in, or around, one of the designated buildings. Among them are four old Greek Orthodox churches, a community building, and an old olive oil press factory. These spaces will be used for the purpose of studio space, other education, and as exhibition spaces for the final show. They are all located in the City of Ayvalık and on Cunda Island.

Distance to airports.

  • Istanbul airport: 500 km
  • Izmir airport: 150 km
  • Edremit airport: 45 km

Distance  to historical places.

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